Do we really need maths?

We were all introduced to maths at a very young age. For example: i counted the number of lego i had when i was a child, used maths to calculate how many sweets i could buy at the store with the money i was given, how to split food equally with friends. However, is maths actually IMPORTANT to us?

As people have mentioned in the blog, maths is derived from our ability to carry out logical reasoning. Maths can be used to solve the daily mundane situation to industrial scale engineering problems. There is no doubt that maths is essential to us in the modern day society, but this is not saying that everyone is required to learn higher tier maths. I think everyone needs to know basic mathematics in our society today, the importance of mathematics increased significantly over the years because as countries become more developed, the labor force needs to be multi-skilled and in many industries, maths is required.

Personally, i hate maths, i hope maths never existed, maths shouldn’t be a mandatory  subject. However, in our evolutionary society, maths is very important, sadly. The word IMPORTANT is different for each individual, everyone has different values in life, keeping in mind that basic maths should be taught to everyone, more advanced maths should only be taught to the individuals who are going to use it in the future. It is true that people who take higher maths might be better at solving problems and logical reasoning, but people who do not take advanced maths could be just as successful and better off without it as long as we all know how to add, subtract, divide and multiply. I can guarantee in 10 years, half of our class can even recall what binomial expansion is.

‘Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules. Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives’

It is very unfortunate for those of us who do not enjoy maths at all, we are restricted by our society to learn maths, it is vital to our education and our ticket to university. This doesn’t mean that maths will dictate who we will become in the future, how successful we will be in the future, it is merely a tool we can use at our advantage in our career. For those of us who aren’t naturally gifted in this area of knowledge, there isn’t much to worry about, depending on the path you choose to take in the future, maths could be completely useless and insignificant towards your life.

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  • Anita

    True! Importance is different depending on the person. I really like your post! “It is merely a tool we can use to our advantage in our career”! And I had to think for a while before I remembered what binomial expansion was! Since importance is different for everyone, why is there such an education which makes people study the same thing right? We technically should be able to chose everything we want to study and do then.

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