Allegory of the Cave

We live in an imperfect world. So where is the perfect world? Do we need one? Can’t it be an abstract concept (e.g. a line or a point)? What satisfaction will it bring you if you discover that the world you live in has been maade up of imitations of real world objects all this while? Also, does the real world have to be perfect? The perfect world is an ideal world, meaning the real world can, but does not have to be perfect.

I think the question should not be “Where is the perfect world” but rather “Do we really need to know if there is a real perfect worl”? What difference would it make? As in Jordan’s post, the dreamwords in Inception are so well constructed that it resembles the real world. If the dreamworld is every bit the same as the real world, why bother going to the real world? Perhaps ignorance is bliss?

So how would we know we are in the “real world”. Do we find something and spin it on the table and see if it collapses? It certainly is not that simple. Maybe one of you can die from thsi world and come back to life to find out for us. Even so, how can we be sure that the world the person is the real world?

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