Why is math essential? or is it?

Math is one of the subjects that I have the most difficulty with in school. However, I understand the importance of it as a whole in general society and everyday living. We use math when purchasing or selling things, as well as seeing elements of it in nature. We learnt about the golden ratio in class and watched a video about how it can be found in almost everything. For example, the leaves, some vegetation, etc…. Even patterns of math can be found in random squiggly lines. So the importance of general knowledge math is quite easy for everyone to see.

However any deeper math knowledge may not be applicable or necessary for everyone. So after a certain amount of time I think that not everyone has to learn that higher level. What we do learn in maths, I think we should not just learn the theory but also how it can be found in our everyday lives and how it can be applied to our everyday skills.

In a sense, math brings balance to our society. With math we have a set language of numbers that everyone understands and is very easy to define. One is one and two is two. Everyone understands those numbers in the same way. So what I think is that we should all learn math to a certain extent and after that additional knowledge could just be a waste of time. That certain extent depends on the individual and level of education they are willing to go through.

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