Why do we learn math?

There are many reasons for why we learn math. First reason is the most obvious one; we need learn math in order to pass our IB exams. For getting a good grade, we need to have a good level of math skills. This is definitely an important reason, however, it is not the only reason. Another reason for learning math is that it is used in so many different places. For instance in math is used in trading, math is used to build houses, math is used to program computers, and math is used to design airplanes. Math is used in a lot of different areas in life. By understanding math we can know that things don’t just work magically. Thus, we can better appreciate the things around us that involves math. A reason for why we should learn math is that hopefully we don’t get deceived by people that easily. For instance, in company, when you want to make sure that no money is embezzled you can use your math skills to find out.

Some people have raised the question of how important is math to us. I think it depends on what you want to become and what you want to. If you want to become an architects, an economists, a chemists, or a physicists, you surely need a certain level of math because these areas involve lots of different calculations. However, if you want to become a artist, a musician, or a general manager, probably don’t need as high level of math skills as the previous occupations. But before, we are able to decide what we want to become, it is probably good that we have a good level of math skills. This is because it can prepare us for a wider range of choices.

So even though that the math I am learning now can be very difficult sometimes, I don’t think it is a waste of time. I am not the kind of person that has a clear idea of what I would like to become in the future, so I think learning a good level of math can keep my options open. But for those who are quite determined that math is not going to matter  in their future, then math is not essential.

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