What Knowledge Can Be Gained from Literature?

Many different types of knowledge can be gained from literature such as you can gain a wider range of vocabulary, this then improves your English all together. The reason for the gain in knowledge is that our brain starts to remember and recall similarities in the language what is used or the punctuation that has been used and where. Students are always told that if they read more then there own English ability will improve, to this I completely agree with the statement. Another knowledge what is gained is a deeper understanding of other people’s culture and your own, it does this by showing other peoples opinions on things such as there culture. I have personally learnt through literature about the Chinese culture from some of the books we have read in English class. It doesn’t just give us a deeper understanding but more of a personal opinion on this culture or the way they do things. The last one is that we know that other people share the same feelings about somethings or have had similar experiences, this can all be done through literature. I have known that people have not thought they were just the same as everyone else but different. But once reading literature they see that the things what they thought had seperated people has actually brought them together.

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