TOK Language Questions

The question our group answered in class today was question 5. We came up with some points for discussion.
• Creative process is important
• In the author’s subconscious, he or she could add certain parts of their emotions and thoughts into their work.
• It also depends on the readers to interpret it in different ways as well.
• So by looking at the background of the author, we see through the eyes of the author what they meant and what they wanted to show us.
• Overcomplicates things and we see things that the author doesn’t intend.
• Look at the general picture and what the author was going through at the time instead of making up stuff on our own.
• The author could potentially influence his readers without being direct about it.

We also brought up the example of poetry. Some poems can be easily confused or interpreted as a love poem but is in fact about something else entirely. This entirely depends on the readers and their past experiences that affects how they read a work of literature.

I think that works can’t be translated because the connotations and slang of a word cannot be translated and the atmosphere that the author is trying to create is lost.

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