Streets and Roads

1. Messi Street. (Lionel Messi). Best soccer player at the moment (yes, better than Ronaldo). Reaching fame at a young age, and certainly being rich, who doesn’t know him?

2. Hillary Road. (Sir Edmund Hillary). One of the first climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest. He was named one of the ‘100 most influential people’ in the Times magainze for the 20th century.

3. Wales Road. (Jimmy Wales). He is the founder of wikipedia. Don’t judge me, but at the end of the day, everybody uses a lot of wikipedia. Reminds me of the animal whale too, so it can’t be bad!

4. Glee Road. (TV show.) It’s not a person, but I like the TV show. Plus, it’s good to remind people to be happy and enjoy.

5. Homer Avenue. (The poet and Homer Simpson). The great poet who let u learn about the journey of Odysseus. Plus, the hilarious TV star.

6. Beatles Road. (Musicians.) Singers, who’s music is still loved to this day.

7. McCaw Road. (Richie McCaw.) The rugby player who bought the All Blacks to victory in the 2011 World Cup. Never giving up, and forever helping his team. He has represented New Zealand in over 100 official rugby games.

8. Kandinsky Street. (Wassily Kandinski.) A Russian abstract painter who’s paintings are just weird, but interesting.

9. Eastwood Street. (Clint Eastwood.) Actor and movie director of famous films.

10. Wonder Road. (Stevie Wonder.) He sings internationally famous songs and plays instruments even when he is blind. He has been awarded 22 grammy awards, the most for a male solo artist.

11. Spielberg Road. (Steven Spielberg.) One of the co-founders of DreamWorks, he is also the creator of Jaws, E.T, and Jurassic Park.

12. King Street. (Martin Luther King, Jr.) A civil rights activist, who is famous for his I Have A Dream speech.

13. Higashino Avenue. (Keigo Higashino.) He is a author who’s stories have also become films. He is most famous for his mystery work such as Himitsu.

14. Hirai Avenue. (Ken Hirai.) A Japanese singer who is known for his unique voice.

15. Osamu Tezuka. (Manga writer.) He was also inspiration for artists Fujiko.F. Fujio, who are the creators of Doraemon. He has written Black Jack, Astro Boy and Kaibutsu-kun.

16. Inuyasha Avenue. (Manga character.) He is a half human, half monster(ish) creature. Anyway, this  was also made into a TV anime and was very popular for years.

17. Watanabe Street. (Ken Watanabe.) Japanese actor who has been in various types of different films. He is famous from movies such as The Last Samurai and Letter From Iwo Jima.

18. Aki Avenue. (Angel Aki.) Half American and half Japanese singer. She is famous in Japan for singing emotional songs that touch people’s hearts.

19. McCurry. (Steve McCurry.) One of the world’s most famous photographers. He is most famous for the photo The Afghan Girl, which was used for a National Geographic cover.

20. Miro Street. (Joan Miro.) Spanish artist that draws child-like abstract work.


I just created my streets depending on things that I like recently. I want it to be an interesting town, not boring one.

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  • Angel

    You named it on things you like recently? Does it mean the names of the streets will change as the things you like changes? haha that would be pretty funnyy 😛

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never thought about naming the street after celebrities I like! They have great influence on people around the world in a different way from all the scientists and philosophers I’ve thought of, and it seems really interesting (:

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