Street Names

      1. David Lloyd George Street, named after the British Wartime (of WWI) PM. He was also the first and only Welsh Prime Minister.
      2. Mendeleev Street, the man who compiled the periodic table. He was Russian.
      3. Lincoln Street, for his contribution to the emancipation of the slaves.
      4. Erwin Schroedinger Street for his contributions to quantum physics.
      5. Alfred Russel Wallace Street for his inception of Darwinian Evolutionary (and in my opinion, more correct than Darwin).
      6. Otto Von Bismark Street for his role in the Unification of the Germanic states.
      7. Adenauer Street for his role in the creation of West Germany.
      8. Mary Curie Street, for her work on radiation, calling an element patriotically, but only for it to be transformed into a cruel commentary (the radioactive element is Polonium, and its short life makes it seem like the existence of Poland: somehow always short)
      9. Napoleon Street for being a super crazy brilliant general, then dying to blue wallpaper.
      10. Chaplain Street for proving how comedy is not just about speech
      11. Kennedy Intersection:  Kennedy was both about ending Racism and also was a brilliant Cold War Era leader.
      12. De Gaul Street: DeGaul led the french resistance to take back France after the securing of Paris. He didn’t change the course of humanity as he would have liked to be attributed to doing (note how France hates everyone except Germany now).
      13. Taylor Road ,  as in AJP Taylor, one of the most controversial, and perhaps the best historian.
      14. Socrates Street
      15. Aristotle Street
      16. Confucius Street
        (These last three are since they are important philosophers that still hold relevance today)
      17. Gandhi Street
      18. Thoreau Street
        (For being important to the idea and application of peaceful protest)
      19. Dante Street
      20. Homer Street


The street, intersection or road designation is not important.

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