Storytelling as a way of knowing

Storytelling is one of the most important ways of knowledge. Every bit of knowledge gathered through experience is gathered through storytelling. When faced with a problem you refer to your experiences in order to predict an outcome and thus affect your decisions.  One of the main factors that affect storytelling however is language. If we look at the discussions in class today most of the discussion was on language, one of the example brought up was that we don’t talk to ourselves when we face a situation, however I don’t think this is true. What I presume occurs is that we go through all the similar experiences/stories in our heads at a speed to fast to comprehend, in other words we tell several stories in our heads to ourselves in order to choose what you will do next.

One of the ideas that popped up in my head is whether paintings and still pictures can be considered a way of storytelling through language. I think that it is because when we look at a painting we usually base what we see of the stories we have adding words to a picture.

Another thing that was bought up was the idea of machines and programming them. The way that I see it is that when you program a machine you are telling them a story, sharing an experience with them.  If you program it to delete a file, you are telling the machine the story of what is meant by the word ‘delete’ and what a ‘file’ is. Similarly if take it onto a larger scale and you program a robot to walk you are usually basing it off your own experience of what walking is, how all the parts move. In this way you can see that when it comes to knowledge storytelling is one of, if not THE most important and effective way of knowledge.

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