I, like a lot of people, believe that story telling is the root of pretty much everything. The details we know about the history of the world, our familys, our personal history all comes from people telling us variations of stories, leaving us to group the information together and determine our own idea, making our own story to pass on to others. I agree that stroytelling is an important way of knowing, not only is it responsible for us passing on the knowledge we have, for further generations to learn from, it is responsible for us to understand the world we live in. Although when we are children, we are told fanciful tales of witches and elves and princesses, these do infact have some impact on the human being we’re brought up to be. They teach us to be aware of strangers, not to believe being beautiful is the only way to get somewhere in life (beauty and the beast). They teach us fundamental things to enable us to work our way through life.

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