Questions Of Literature

Question 8: How important is the study of literature in individual/ethical development? In what ways?

I think literature is quite important. Although it can have positive or negative affects, I think it teaches people many new things from different perspectives.

There are many things that cannot be taught in school, at home or through a friend, that can be learnt through reading literature. It is a journey that people take by themselves and an experience that only they can understand. Although the basic idea behind certain literature may be the same, people’s gain from it may be different. Everyone’s interpretation and interests of it may be different. Sometimes people don’t even find it interesting, in which why they don’t find it interesting may be interesting. I think literature can have a deeper meaning behind just the words that you look at, thus it makes people think, and that’s an important skill itself. It can also make people broaden their horizons~, teach them about many different situations that they may not have experienced. There could be very extreme situations in literature that people may not have thought of unless they read the work. So many  questions are raised, and so many of them stay unanswered or solved in multiple ways, it’s fun!


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