Naming streets

Naming street is impossible to be done perfectly objective, but then it has to be objective to some extent.. In this case you would take some figures that ‘majority’ people wouldn’t argue against (but then this is disputable again) Okay i will try to be as objective as possible, maybe the most objective theme would be naming street after figures who had somehow changed history,, in other words, figures that most people will know. (whether it is good impact or bad is another problem)


1.  Einstein Street

Beside the fact that his name is Albert, not many people will argue that Einstein was one of the greatest physicist who changed so many things especially in physics. He started the era of modern physics. Beside all his works done in physics, his E=mc^2 equation changed second world war

2. Newton Street

Who are you to talk about physics without talking this guy. The greatest physicist of all time, although his world ended with Einstein but still so many parts of modern physics inherits his theories. If he and his works didn’t exist, things would’ve been certainly different today

3.Churchill Road

One of the most respected politicians,  his speech and words changed so many people.  He also had great impact on world war 2

4. Marx street

Creator of Socialism-Communism. Just this explains his impact on world history.  Besides he contributed to economics (scientific) , dialectical and historical materialism, and so on. His works has changed history.

5. Schrodinger road

He made great contribution to quantum mechanics, which is used in such wide range such as super,semi conductor. His is renowned for his work in wave functions, Schrodinger’s cat and so on

6. Shakespear Street

It is hard to argue that Shakespear is one of the most well-known, and great writer in our history.

7. Colombus Street

He is a famous adventurer who discovered america

8. Beethoven Road

One of the greatest musician who impacted on classic music and he left numerous music that is still beloved by many people in the world

9. Mozart Sreet

One of the greatest musician again, his works are so enormous that it impacted almost all the section of vocal – instrumental music

10. Bill Gates Road

PC, windows,, his contribution made today so much different from what it would’ve been without these.  We made shortcut through worth couple of thousands years of revolution thanks to PC and computer technology.

11. Jesus Street

Jesus Christ! Are you seriously going to talk about world history without Jesus in it? Maybe not.. Cause almost half of it had been impacted by these religion problems. If I was to explain earth to aliens, I would say Jesus owns it

12. Jobs road

In his short life he completely brought up ‘innovation’ and so much populations use i stuff nowadays. Jobs certainly brought up the level of our technology.

13. Cezanne Street

One of the greatest figure that impacted so much on modern Arts.

14. Michael Jackson street

He is the greatest pop artist of all time, in fact he is the creator of pop music (along with Beatles).  If you dont know him just go to the moon.

15.Pythagoras road

Greatest impact on mathematics. Pythagorean Theorem is in fact had much much great impact than what we think it is worth on mathematics. Don’t blame me, I failed at it too

16. Euler road

Euler’s formula, theorem, proof and so on. He is also renowned for his great contribution to mathematics. Would it have been much easier to get A* in math if he didnt exist? maybe.

17. Socrates Street

One of the greatest philosopher in history. It is mostly western culture that he is significant. Who are you to disagree that he impacted so many philosophies nowadays.. ‘know yourself’ man..

18. Confucius Street

This is Asian version of Socrates. Well maybe much more than that of Socrates in Western culture. Most of Asian philosophies are based on Confucius. So don’t blame what Asians say! He said it!

19. Darwin Road

One of the greatest biologist who revealed that we were monkeys..? Just kidding.. His theory of evolution picked up new vision of biology and it gave us clue of why are we here? (which TOK people love to question..) Idea of Natural selection and in fact the theory of evolution itself had greatly insulted Jesus christ’s people and vice versa.. So Darwin did a lot, whether its good or not

20. Genghis Khan Street

Important figure when you talk about our history. He once ruled vast area of the world and his impact still remains in so many different countries.


So, there my 20 streets are.  It is impossible to pick all the figures who impacted in every single field that exist on earth. But at least, these are figures that had one of the greatest impact in human history. But still seems like to some extent those selected figures have personal taste… mhm.. yummy. (what I meant by some extent,, I dont like some of those figures stated above and I incomparably prefer Albert Einstein for his name)




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