My Town

1) Wilberforce Avenue

This man was the man who championed the abolition of the slave trade. Also this man grew in my home town Hull.

2) Johnson Lane

This women was the first female pilot to fly alone from Britain to Australia (set a world record). She also was from Hull.

3) Shackleton Street

Everyone knows this man from our school houses. He was an explorer, and he led the “endurance” expedition.

4) Haig Road

General Douglas Haig was the British world war one commander. This is a historical person since we won world war one.

5) Pythagoras walk

This man made maths in some ways simple and in other ways even more difficult. 🙂

6) Da Vinci mews

This man was the greatest inventor who has ever lived. He made early drawings of a Helicopter which was beyond his time.

7) Blair avenue

This man was a great politician also a admirable sir.

8) Octavia Hill

She founded the Army Cadet Force which had changed so many teenagers lives even mine.

9) Grylls lane

This man has gone through a broken back and still continued to defy expectations. Such as climbing Everest and became Head of the scouts.

10) Ghandi drive

This man took a completely way of getting a result by non violence.

11) Brady Boulevard

This was the first women to own a football club maybe not a amazing one but a pretty good one. (Birmingham city football club)

12) Churchill Close

Prime minister of England during the second world war.

13) Adams avenue

Gerry Adams was a active member in the IRA (Irish rebuplican army)

14) Caesar court

Was the most famous Roman Emperor.

15) Luther Lane

Martin Luther-King had the famous speech “I have a Dream” this was relating to the segregation of the blacks and he wanted to stop it.

16) Homer Close

And no not Simpson but the Homer who wrote the odyssey and other books. This man has made our English very fun. 🙂

17) Dyson drive

He had changed the views on Vaccum cleaners, and forever will be classed as a innovator.

18) Armstrong Avennue

Neil Armstrong was the first person to ever step onto the moon. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

19) Guevara Grove

He was a revolutionary in Cuba.

20) Milestone street

This is after my family because they are in turn the most important thing to me in present and in history.


These are my 20 streets who are historical.


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