My streets:)

I’ve split my city into male and female named streets/avenues/roads/lanes/drives because I believe that they have all been equally influential.
Instead of focusing on science or music or history, i’ve done a mix 

I’ll start with Women,

Norma Jeane Avenue – Marilyn Monroe. A beautiful sex icon for years. I’ve put her on my list as I think she’s a positive role model of how a woman can be attractive and successful. I also think she is an amazing role model for young women now, by showing that you don’t have to be stick thin to get places and to be considered attractive.

Dita Drive – Dita Von Teese. Again another role model for women old and young nowadays.

Fierce Road – Beyonce’s alter ego. Not only is she a beautiful woman, she is highly successful with a husband and a new baby. I’ve put her on this list not only because she’s a role model (again, i know, they’ll get more interesting) but because she has shown me that you don’t have to give up your dreams and ambitions in order to gain a healthy happy family. She’s got both and continues to work and be a mother.

Park Lane – Rosa Parks. An African American civil rights activist. Known widely for refusing to give her seat up for a white man during the apartheid.

Davison Drive – Emily Davison. As part of the Suffragette movement, Davison stepped in front of the Kings horse at the Epsom Derby, causing the Suffragettes to gain more media coverage.

Dita Drive – Dita Von Teese. Again another role model for women old and young nowadays.

Maggie Drive – Margaret Thatcher. An ex British prime minister. Responsible for preventing the abuse of union powers and stopped union membership being compulsory

Andrews Avenue – Julie Andrews. This is again a more personal one. I’ve loved Julie Andrews since i was a child and have always been impacted by the different roles she has played throughout her life. Also she has an amazing singing voice and her songs remind me of my best friend.

Frank lane – Anne Frank. Really no description needed for this one 

Mary Road – Mary Queen of England, the 1st queen we had!

Franklin Drive – Rosalind Franklin. Discovered proof of the double helix structure of DNA.

And now onto the men ;
Hill Drive – Churchill. An ex British Prime Minister. Not only is he memorable for the things he did for the country and how he became a staple figure of England, but he was also the first British Prime Minister to be awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature.
Bama Road – President Obama. Pretty self explanatory, first black president.
Luther Lane – Martin Luther King Junior. Played a prominent role in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.
Jackson Road – Michael Jackson. Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding Jackson (suspected paedophile etc) I still believe he was an amazing musical man, who just lost his childhood through fame and didn’t deserve the harsh criticisms he got.
Dolf Drive – Adolf Hitler. Now, I know this can be taken in a bad light. After all, he was the head of millions of merciless killings. However, Hitler’s as a person I think is a pretty memorable character and added massively to the history of our world. He was an amazing public speaker, and in my opinion was a genius.(Again, to clarify, I DO NOT support what he did,  )

I know it was just supposed to be streets, but I’ve added a moor into mine, just because it worked with the name  (

Marley Moor – Bob Marley. Known for his work in spreading Rastafarian movement and Jamaican music

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