My City Streets

1) Ronaldo Boulevard

One of the top paid footballers ever known, scored 41 goals in a single premier league season.

2)Messi Street

The most paid footballer in the world, the youngest player to receive the ball o dor 3 times. Scored 50 goals in a single season in La Liga. Beat the record of Barcelona’s top scorer of 230 goals.

3)Jobs Avenue

The founder of Apple, the man who revolutionized our world with his creative inventions of the Iproducts.

4)Gates Street

The founder of Microsoft and the reason we have the windows operating system today.

5)Lin Avenue

The first ever successful Taiwanese American who made it into the NBA and scored the most basket for a starter.

6) Einstein street

The science and mathematical genius of all time

7) Sandler Avenue

The funniest comedy actor  in the film industry

8)Billie Joe street

The lead singer of GreenDay, one of the famous bands for punk and rock music.

9)Martin Avenue

The leader singer of the band Coldplay, plays both the piano and guitar, wrote some of the best musics in history.

10)Roosevelt Street

One of the first women elected to the Senate is 1911 and well known for her involve ment with many charitable organizations before becoming first lady

11)Jordan Boulevard

The legendary basketball player of all time

12)Jackson Street

One of the best on stage performers of all time, he can sing, dance and write music.


The fastest man on the planet, broke the 100m world record with an amazing time of 9.58 seconds


The famous Chinese actor, famous for his action films rush hour and the spy next door

15)Ferguson Road

Alex Ferguson is the manager of Manchester United, a prestigious football club known across the globe.

16)Edison Road

The person who invented the light bulb

17)Washington Street

The first president of the United States and he played a vita part in America’s War of Independence

18)Newton Road

The father of Physics, discovered the law of gravity and other awesome theories

19)Shakespeare Boulevard

The most famous english playwright of all time

20) Magnus Boulevard

The all powerful headmaster of Dulwich College Suzhou

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