Today in TOK we talked about math and how we can perceive it in different ways.  To some people math can represent the purest form of knowledge, but to others it can be very subjective or seem irrelevant to real-life situations.  I personally don’t like math.  I see math as a mostly separate entity from the world we live in.  I know some theoretical physicists would explain how mathematical equations can serve to define the universe we live in – but I don’t really care about it.  Following the conversations about math in TOK today was hard because it seemed that, at times. everyone was talking about completely different things that they found difficult to explain with language.  Math seems to be a kind of language in its own right, but I would rather just stick to more tangible ideas.

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  • Mr. MacKnight

    Poets are people who enjoy playing with words. Mathematicians are people who enjoy playing with numbers.

    I have heard it said, too, that mathematicians enjoy ‘retreating’ to a kind of alternative world that avoids the messiness of the human world. On the other hand, the usefulness of mathematics in the real world is undeniable.

    Here’s my question after reading your post, John: why does math bug you so much? ;^)

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