Literature question

Qn 5. This question focuses on the author of the text and how the author’s background, thoughts and intentions affect the writing.

I always thought that it was very interesting how my impression of a novel or text and how I interpreted it changed after finding out more about the author and the person who wrote it. While I think that this isn’t always the case, the author’s state of mind often colours what his work. An author’s/artist’s background is also a deciding factor as to how they think and what they believe in.  By understanding their background, the places they’ve been and their experiences, we as readers might be better able to understand the various aspects of the story and gain a better understanding of the characters through the author’s eyes.

It is possible that the work of art contains and conveys meanings which the author/artist is oblivious. The author/artist sometimes unconsiously writes about things that he originally did not intent, or uses words that conveys certain emotions and intentions.

However, all that said, while writing a piece of literature and producing pieces of art is one man’s job and his intentions are what creates the final product, the reader’s interpretation is also very important. Different people reading the same piece of literature, looking at the same piece of art may have different interpretations as well. Interpreting a work of art depends not only on the author, but also the viewer as well.

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