The cold case of mark pullen

From the ID found on the body we can assume that the person is Mark Pullen, unless it was planted there for reasons unknown. From the evidence gathered we can map out his planned timeline. We know that he is an English studies student at Darwin college University of Kent at Canterbury, and we can trace his steps through the day. We can conclude that he went to a dental appointment first the bank at some time, went for a literature lecture, an important cricket meeting, , and there was a large gap missing in his timeline where we assume that he was probably on his way to a party at Cathy’s. This was his planned timetable, however without retracing his time-line in person we are unable to conclude safely that he was in any of those meetings.

We would like to interview the leaders of all his planned events and we would like to locate and interview the person who signed the note. We would also like to interview the bus driver who was driving at that area within an hour of when the body was found. However due to the lack of evidence and the lack of witnesses, we can only assume that he wa hit by a bus.

Due to the lack of conclusive evidence and investigative techniques not forgetting to mention the lack of technology used to process the evidence due to the time period, we can conclude that this investigation was a failure. The only way to pick up the trail again is to re-gather all the evidence and reprocess it, and gather all the witnesses, strap them to a polygraph test and gather all their statements. Not even the investigators statement can be trusted as people tend to panic and exaggerate or miss details when seeing a seemingly dead body.

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