Our Brains!

Yes, I agree with the quote. I think that the brain will never be able to understand and comprehend it’s full potential. It’s like how a machine will never be able to fully grasp it’s full potential and what it’s able to do, the brain is the same too.

The brain is such a complex system with neurons and such a large capacity that we are unable to reach into it’s depths to see what we actually can do. Humans generally only use about 7% of their brain capacity in their entire lives. Especially through ToK, I’ve been thinking about how we seriously over confuse, over think, over analyse every single minute little thing that we know. Or do we know? No we don’t. It’s important to know what we know and what we do not know. So if we do not know anything, then I only know that I know nothing…  Then there comes a point where I start thinking– what exactly am I thinking about?

Why can’t life just be simple? We would be much happier that way.

On a more serious note, everything is about perspective. To us, our brains are complicated. But that’s just because we do not fully comprehend it. So is it really complicated, causing us to not be able to comprehend it? Or is it because we think it’s too difficult to comprehend which leads us to think that it’s too complicated?

Honestly, I think dont explicitely see the difference in the two definitions, but this really is what ToK is about isn’t it? Like the chicken and egg cycle.

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