Mark Pullen

By looking at the contents of the victim’s wallet, we can conclude that he should be Mark Pullen. Unless someone named Mark Pullen lost his wallet and it ended up with the victim. However, it would be pretty obvious that it was him the victim looked like the image in the picture.

Assuming that the walled was the victims,we know that he is an english studies student at Darwin college University of Kent at Canterbury, and we can trace his steps through the day. We can conclude that he went to the bank at some time, went for a literature lecture, some cricket meeting, a dental appointment, and was probably on his way to a party at Cathy’s. However, to confirm his actions on the day he died, we can speak to the people he met.

We decided that it we would like to meet Mr. John Edwards (the witness), Jeff, The dentist, Cathy if possible, the bank personal (to get a sense of the time he was there and how much money he withdrew), as well as JPR Craig and T. Hill, to confirl if he went for the english literature tutorial and the cricket club committee meeting. Also, if it were possible to verify the identity of the girl in the picture, it might be useful to speak to her too.

It’s true that the case might have been made easier if there had been eye-witnesses to the accident. However, human memories are tinted by their background and point of view, which might tweak the truth. Also, people lie. In this case however, it might have been useful to at least have some eye-witnesses, then we might at least have some things to work with. Reliable witnesses would be those who were completely uninvolved in the whole incident but had a clear view of it. They would be able to give an unemotional, untinted view of the event (if they recall it correctly). At the same time though, it might be wise to take what they say with a pinch of salt as human memory has proven to exagerate gory scenes to spice it up.

This event occured in the past and can be considered to be history. Cases that were unable to be solved in the past might be able to be solved now as technology has improved, making it possible to find more evidence ect. From this, it we see that history can evolve as time passes. It might be possible for us to understand history of those in the past better than they themselves did themselves about their present.

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