How can I comment on if this is a science or not? I do DT as a “science” for the IB and everyone disagrees with that as a science. This could be a science if only people accept it as a science, some people accept crystals as a science so why not a umbrella.

My main argument to this is that people accept all kinds of weird things as a science just because a legit amount of people accept it, there is no set thing that makes a science a science. Most people when they hear about umbrellaology laugh and think it is outrageous but just think back to when when Albert Einstein first discussed the theory of relativity people would have thought he was absolutely bonkers but years later we class him as a genius. So how is this any different, the man may yes have to do more research to prove that it is a true science and if he can get more people accepting it then no one can argue with it.

So all in all I think that umbrellaology could be a science but just needs more time time. If was real anyway 🙂

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  • Anita

    Haha, very funny! I guess what you say is true though, in the end, we cannot change what people personally believe to be a science or not.

  • Charles Goh

    So that means GOHOLOGY is a science?! 😀 I insist it is a science; it is the study of people with GOH as their last name. Isn’t this awesome?

    Just as we cannot classify GOHOLOGY as “a science”, we can’t say Umbrellaology is “a science”. The whole study may be science, but distinguishing it from the rest of the studies under science is discriminating.

  • Charles Goh

    GOHOLOGY is well known and accept around the world! THerefore it is correct. 😀

    erm… Maybe it doesn’t work so well now

  • Jordan

    First of all, love the post, words cannot express my feelings. I totally agree with every word you are saying, it doesnt have to be well known or accepted by the so called ‘smart-ones’ to be a science, We have a say in society just as much as anyone else, this bloke who wrote about umbrellaology could potentially be a genius, we will never know.

  • Mr. MacKnight

    Cassie & Jordan: Can we really leave truth up to a majority vote? Where does that leave the Jews in Nazi Germany, or Galileo when his writings contradicted the Church? How is your position different from saying, “Well, this is too hard for me to think about, so I’d rather just not think about it?”

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