After watching Stephen Hawking’s documentary and listening to Andy Fletcher’s talk, my perception of the world overturned. What intrigued me the most was the concept of space-time, and slower passing of time as we get further away from the Earth. Also, the edge of the black hole in which there’s infinite amount of information was new to me, and how everything shrinks into one concentrated point in the black hole was interesting as well. This made me wonder whether the crews will die or just feel normal according to theory of relativity if the spaceship goes into the black hole. I was also curious about the ‘information’ at the rim of the black hole: information is such a vague and abstract concept, so I wasn’t really sure how it can be collected at the black hole. Another question that came up to me was whether the mathematics is really applicable to our environment and the whole universe. Even though Stephen Hawking’s equation which beautifully summarizes the concept of black hole seems elegant, since it’s only theoretically proven, I cannot stop doubting that reality might be more or less different from what the equation suggests. It seems like human are almost obsessed with finding or even imposing specific pattern or rule in the nature.

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