Science, our new religion?

Mr MacKnight had pointed out that, Science seems to become the new religion. If a person tells you that he or she does not believe in science, we might all be surprised. Moreover, as my English teacher Mr Fox said during class, the process seems to have taken over human. For instance, a bullet train in Japan probably won’t wait for you when you are late. Even if you very desperate to get on because of some emergence reason. These two points to me, has a cause-and-affect relationship.

In science, the development of a theory undergoes a solid process- like the scientific method. In addition, the study of science as a whole seems to aim for objectivity and rationality. Since the industrial revolution between 18th and 19th century, technology has become wide spread around the world. As the spread occurs, can it be that these virtues of science have made their way into our everyday life?

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3 comments to Science, our new religion?

  • Angel

    Science taking oer humans. haha thats interest especially considering we invented the whole concept of science. I dont really understand the cause and effect relationship part of your post. Can you please explain it? Thanks

  • Charles Goh

    Science is a product of our ongoing search for truth, and thus is a gift. Science doesn’t take over humans, though its process and method will become the basis of how people obtain their knowledge

  • Jessica

    Sorry, if I am not clear but I wasn’t saying that science will take over human. I meant the “process”. I will elaborate the example about train that I have given. A train in Japan leaves very on time, it wont wait for people. Japanese trains give many an impression that it sees high efficiency as an important element in daily practices. This contrast with what I head about trains in other countries. I even head that some trains waited for people to finish their lunches in the station and then leave. People seems to be placed before process in this case. The process of getting job done in my previous example seems to be valued more.

    So in my post, I was trying to raise the question that does the precision and subjectiveness that science require take an influence on people values? And does it influences what the society values?

    I am not saying that science is overtaking human. Let me know if you can understand the point that I am trying to get to. Thanks.

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