[catch up] Scientific Method

observation -> Hypothesis -> prediction -> Experiment is the general steps of forming a theory and this is called Scientific Method. With such sequences our understanding of nature improves. But why scientific method is defined to be such?
The significance of this method is that the steps to the ultimate product is designed to be as objective as possible, leaving the formed theory to be ‘the truth’ (as we define it). This process is very focused on defining one phenomena and the process can be manipulated to many. Unlike what many people believe, scientific theory is very often corrected and redefined through the same process, because when an exception of a law is found than the theory ALWAYS have to be edited again. Although this whole process is not to be considered perfectly objective, I believe this is the best system to follow on within our limitation. (as objective as possible).
The limitation of this method, I believe, is that most of system is relying on our sense perceptions such as vision. For this reason, we were unaware of some components of our nature, that are beyond our ability to percieve, such as quantum sized particles and black hole until quite a long time passed. These couldn’t be proven by experiments.
But we do know they exist now, and how was it possible? I think this was thanks to mathematics and our technology. Mathematics is rooted from science, trying to explain the phenomena in more detailed and logical way. Applying these mathematical relationships enabled us to reach the truth beyond our perception. Moreover, invention of computers and such technology helped us to calculate with extreme speed and accuracy, which human can’t handle without significant uncertainty.
Scientific Method with these two components applied together, makes it the best method for science to develop.

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