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I received this comment by email. —etm

I have been reading about the thoughts on intuition on your site and find most of them do not actually reflect what intuition is in my experience.

Many speak about intuition coming from deep in the subconscious or from life experience, but when I teach about intuition, it is not about that.  When a person can select which stone out of five stones is being held in a closed fist consistently without error, that is not about the subconscious, that is from intuition.  When someone can hold a plant that is unknown to them and correctly state whether it is used internally or externally and for what reason, that is from intuition, not the subconscious.  When a person can place a hand on a stranger and tell that person about the physical condition of the body, that is from intuition.  When they improve that condition, that is another kind of intuition that allows one to connect with healing energy.

It is difficult to understand this, although it is the way of things for the indigenous tribes who have been able to hold onto their traditional way of being.  When someone of western thinking tries to describe it, he comes from a totally different paradigm and thus misses everything.

Intuition does not come from any kind of process of the brain, but rather from being in the spiritual heart, which in turn, as explained in quantum physics. is itself connected to all things and thus has access to all knowledge.

There is a lot that interferes with this kind of knowing, but once it is understood and controlled, life is a much richer thing to experience.

dance in the light of spirit

susan gale

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3 comments to A reader comments on intuition

  • Charles Goh

    It is great to have someone with different paradigms contribute to our discussion 😀

    What do you mean by “Spiritual Heart”?

    The definitions on the web vary from religious definitions like connections to god to others like the producer of strong emotions, or what connects the mind, body and soul. Many of the terms used in these definitions are vague and confusing at best, since even the meaning of the words in each definition is obscure.

    “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne talks about positive and negative energy that influences the outcome of our lives. The points in the book suggests that the spirit mentioned refers to the ability to generate positive and negative energy. Is this what you mean by the Spiritual Heart?

    Also, as I prefer scientific reasoning, I must point out that the topic of whether intuition comes from brain processing or not is controversial, since we do not have sufficient evidence to justify either argument (scientific reasoning or spiritualism). However, based on observations made in the fields of neurology and neuroscience, we can deduce that intuition is a product of subconcious brain processing (by that I mean the though process that goes on when you are concious, even when you are unaware of it).

    Perhaps you could explain what the spiritual heart is, where it comes from etc. As I am skeptical about supernatural concepts, I may have not considered some views that others might have. Also, maybe you could tell us a little more about the “healing energy”.

  • Jennifer

    In the past, I haven’t thought about intuition and whether it was subconscious or from ‘spiritual heart’. But seeing this response, I also agree that intuition is not a mere result of subconscience. I might be overusing this experience about my dream about my brother’s birth, but when I dreamt about it I didn’t know whether he was boy or girl, whether there was an operation room on the third floor of the hospital i knew,whether my father will be wearing the exact green coat that i saw and whether my brother will be born in that hospital, because there was much closer hospitals nearby my house. However, after 6 months these things that I’ve seen in the dream actually all came true. So from my experience, intuition is not necessarily coming from subconscience but rather from unexplainable instinct or, as mentioned in the email, ‘spiritual heart’.

  • Charles Goh

    Déjà vu much? 😀 One of the theories that quantum physicts came up with was that every possibility and event that could happen has has already happened, and we are just living through each event. Our choices lead to a certain possibility. This may somehow be related to your Déjà vu experience. Your brain visualises a certain possibility, and choices in reality lead to the event actually taking place.

    There are many things we don’t understand in human biology. We can only make assumptions and predictions to explain these phenomena. Therefore, a spiritual explanation is just as valid as a scientific one. Whichever one you support is up to you.

    Nevertheless, I would still like to hear your definitions of the spiritual heart, and spirit in particular.

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