The Moral Molecule Matters!!

While I tested the Ted Talks app on my new iPad 2, I came across this really interesting video on what the presenter (Paul Zak) calls the Moral Molecule! It is important to note that while we dismiss scientific discoveries, our thoughts are actually greatly influenced by what is produced in our bodies. 😀

This video will explain how Paul tests for the effects of Oxytocin on our judgement, and what factors affect the production of that molecule within our bodies.

This is the  link for the video on youku:

So what do you all think about the Moral Molecule? Do you agree with what he is saying?

I think it’s really cool 😀 though he should have gave a definition for morals. I think the definition for morals is highly controversial, because what someone thinks is moral may not be moral to someone else. It all depends on indvidual biases and perhaps other factors.

Still, I would define morality as the distinction between right and wrong, taking into account the individual’s experience and biases.

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