Emotion? Feeling?

I want to talk about the activity first, talking in a foreign language. I should say this activity was fun, but annoying. I was talking about winter holiday, and he is keep saying ‘what? what? what? I can’t understand anything. What?’ I had to continue the conversation, which wasn’t really conversation. Then, I was thinking I can use body language. So, i used body language, but that didn’t work either. It kinda feels like….I am suffocated or something, i do want to have a conversation, but i can’t. It was really painful activity.

About emotion and feeling. I think feeling is about how we perceive the sense from 5 sense perceptions, and emotion is how we express feeling. For example, in winter, you feel cold. You are ‘feeling’ cold. I hate cold. You think about this feeling, cold, and you now have emotion, Hatred. So, i think emotion is how we think about feeling, and feeling is how we perceive environment or situation from sense perceptions.

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  • Angel

    So you think that we can’t feel emotions? I guess we can’t emote heat or things like that but I think we can feel emotions, for example, I feel happy, I feel sad.
    Haha interesting how most people always say happy and sad first when they talk about feelings or emotions. 🙂

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