Queer than we can suppose

The video we watched of Dawkin’s “Queerer than we can suppose” explains the existing world in terms of sciences, such as physics and psychology. There are so many ways to explain our existence and so many ways to view the world. Since, school started I begin learning psychology and learnt that we are shaped by our environment and our genetic. In biology, I learnt that millions of cells with so many complex structure produce a Jessica (and of course you as well!) In economic, I learnt that economic growth does not equals to economic development of a country and so many intricate theories that defines the world- the global economy…. In every subject, there is a different practice and a different way to view the existing world. In every turn, I am given different perceptions of the world. Perceptions of biologist, economist, psychologist… Dawkins, seems to be standing from a physicist and evolutionary psychologist’s point of view. He also stands in an atheist’s point of view. (It is evident through his questioning of the existence of the “superiors”.) Dawkin’s points are definitely convey in a effective speech, such as stating that we exist in a “middle world” which determines what we see and what we know… They are still theories, at this stage, which to believed or not is dependent on how we perceive the world.

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  • Callam Molloy

    i really like the link you made between all the subjects. In every subject you can look at things from a different point of view. This gets really confusing at times though because you never know what to believe!

  • Charles Goh

    After everything you have learnt so far from psychology, which factors have the largest impact on the individual? Your Genetic makeup or the evironment?

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