Are we living in the same world?

“Although we think we see the world as it really is, we live in a world of own making.” – Hilary Lawson

This quote reminds of me a point raised by Mrs Connah. Which is: could all of us see different colours in our surrounding world but have the same names for them. There is no way to know how others perceive the world, unless one day there is a new technology developed that can do so. So, before that could happen, the answer is an unknown. However aren’t we live in different world to each other already?

Due to culture differences, our languages are embedded with differences that can shape our perception of the world differently. Moreover, our background also determines are mindsets. We can often hear the terms “Asian mindset” and “Western mindset”. Recently, I started to take notice on theses different mindsets in daily life. Asian families, take Chinese ones for instance, tend to want their children to become lawyers, doctors, scientists or businessmen. However, western families tend to have more freedom for their children’s future. Just within cultures, there are so many differences, but how about differences between each individual? So how could we live in the same world? We can physically live on the same world but not metaphysically.

Anyhow, the one thing for sure is: if there are tolerance and care between each individual, all the different world can come together side by side.

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