White Lies(善意的谎言) & Paradigms

Too put it simply, paradigms are the ways in which something is intepreted.

Today, paradigms are affected by a person’s surroundings, culture and experience. Therefore is is more than probable that white lies told by parents play a huge role in shaping paradigms, which shape our reason and perception. Just to give some example scenarios:

  • Two people look at a vast, beautiful mountain. One sees evidence of a good God; the other sees a geological formation
  • Two people are in downtown New York during rush hour. One feels an exciting buzz from the city, he other merely feels depressed

We often find that even within our school community, the though process of everyone is quite different. A large factor that affects our thoughts come from our growing experience, much of which is influenced by our parents. As a consequence, many of the white lies that our parents told us in the past will have affected our understanding of the world. A parent would have censored many things from the kid, in attempt to make the kid think in one way. As a result of this the kid may not do the things that society deems unnacceptable.

However, if his whole world artificially censored by lies, then he would see the world in a particular way. Those that argue against lying to children would say that lies affect children’s ability to see reality as it is, and understand the hardships and horrors of life.

Because children are less likely to question and more likely to take things as facts, perhaps the reason why parents lie to them is because they want to get certain key ideas into their children’s minds. This is the positive view of the lies. The reason for the negative views would be more about children adopting certain cultures and refusing to change their opinions.

Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its orginal dimentsions. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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2 comments to White Lies(善意的谎言) & Paradigms

  • August

    Reading through your post, I can say that I definitely agree with the ideas that you have brought up in your post-especially the idea that a person’s personality/view of the world is caused by these lies. Even so, I would say that it wouldn’t just be these lies that create as big of a component of a human being as this; they indeed must play some part in it, but, as there must be an uncountable plethora of other factors in the development of a person’s view, I would doubt that they can be attributed to even the “huge role” that you state. Equally, there also could be another factor in this-the genetic dispositions of the individual could also have an effect on the development.

    Also, you remained very neutral regarding white lies in your post-do you have a certain view, positive or negative, that you would side with?

  • Charles Goh

    I do not side with either arguments. My post was trying to explore the two extreme views of “white lies”. Indeed, there are many other reasons for paradigms, so you are right for pointing that out. Also, you stated that the “genetic dispositions of the indicidual could have an effect on their development.” Absolutely, much of our personality and paradigms are shaped by our genetic makeup.

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