TEDTalk: Beau Lotto, ‘Optical illusions show how we see’

Two links to this TEDTalk, should you want to watch it again:

1. In my Dropbox folder, here: http://db.tt/fPAXLtXp.

The path is Video / Science & Technology / Sense Perception. It’s the first one in that folder.

2. From the TED site, here: Beau Lotto.

If you watch on the TED site, you can choose to see it with subtitles. However, with a slow connection, it may not stream very well.

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  • Charles Goh

    The thought of the difference in sense perception is intriguing. I mean, according to someone that commented on the site, women are more sensitive to nuances in colours that men are. If this is true, then could it be that there are actually differences in our other senses too? Perhaps that could affect the thought processes of a person

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