The Truman Show

1) In what ways is Truman’s life fake? Explain.

I think that Truman’s life is ‘fake’ because it is actually all planned out for him like a script, and he has no say in how his life is lived. He is actually a puppet, with his whole life paved before his feat. His whole life is a show, and he is the main character. Although he does not follow a script, all the people he meets, strangers along the street, people in his life, they are all fake and THEY were following a script. This way, his life is not natural and does not conform accurately with reality, or what reality is supposed to be.

2) Is Truman fake?

I think that while Truman’s life is fake, he isn’t. To him, he makes his own decisions and chooses what to do. His environment could very well be true. What I mean is that, whatever the actors did in the ‘set’ of his life, could very well be what normal people did in real life. After all, performances are an imitation of reality. Everyone was following a script except him, and so while everyone else was a fake, he wasn’t.

3) What is it that makes Truman start to doubt what is real?

Truman starts to doubt what is real when he see’s his father who has supposedly died years ago. He is sure that his eyes did not fool him, but everyone else does not believe him. I think slowly he got this gut feeling and intuition that nothing was as it seems. Slowly he started to notice things that were not really ‘normal’, like his wife having her fingers crossed in their wedding photo.

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