Journal 02

I really enjoyed the TOK conference this week. In the morning we turned our mind on by doing a activity, which was to decided whether or not the stories Mr Connah read was truth or false. Everyone used different methods to decide. Some people decided from the information they knew, some decide by how plausible the story is and etc. They were so many different ways. Personally, I tried to decide by the tone of Mr Connah, why was the story chosen (what was the story’s intension) and other people’s choices. As I said “I tried”. It all happened to quickly to decide carefully what was true and what was not.

I also liked the activities we did during the afternoon because they each taught us different things. The “tasting” activity was to teach us not to judge from the appearance. We were reminded to think outside of the box. Moreover, when we were discussing as a group to decide what was the flavors, I changed my idea because I wasn’t sure of my own judgements.For example, as a group we decided that the second bottle was cherry flavored, but I actually thought thought the smell was the smell of almond and I was right. I realized how easily my idea was changed by the group. I think it is important to be able to listen to other but sometimes we can also put trust in ourselves. And another activity that I remembered clearly was the “alien and astronut” activity. Through that activity I realized that sometimes people only believed things in their own way and without realizing that it was rude to do so. For instance, we wasn’t suppose to wave and smile at the aliens because in their culture that was offensive, but we did it because we through that the aliens would understand. Through this activity, it is evident that as an IB student, I should be aware of cultural differences, learn them and accept them.  Most importantly, I should not view others with my own perspective.

In Mr Macknight’s class, I thought what he said was true that sometimes people become too emotional to realize that they are stating the same idea with others but in different approach. I seen it happen before. I want to help to clear their misunderstandings but as an outsider it is hard to intervene because they are to stubborn with their own idea. I also notice I am, sometimes, too emotional to accept others opinion as well.

In TOK this week, I had lots of gains!

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