Do you know what I know…

Definitely not, people can learn the same fact or opinion but it is the interpretation of that, in that the knowledge differs. Knowledge is a tricky thing, there are so many different of types of “knowing”. It gets confusing sometimes because we get lost between fact and opinion. Also between conscious and unconscious these different types of  knowledge guide us through our lives controlling our lives. Knowledge is the thing that seperates everyone in the world someone’s knowing is what makes us different. One day our knowledge will get the better of us, it will run everything and we will have no control. For example some say in the future computers will have more processes than the human brain.

Knowing is such a stupid word, it has so many different meanings that is should have different words for it. Like knowing how to breathe is instinctive but to know how to read is completely different you have to practice this and get taught it, it does not come naturally.  Knowledge is usually tested by test of IQ or Mathematics or English etc. But these test only test the knowledge linked to that subject but what about all the other things you know, they never get marked or tested. They are just meant to be there. Knowledge is there all your life, you may not know it but you learn and recall things all the time. Some people say I have little knowledge but if someone asks me how to strip and assemble a L98A2 rifle I could do it with my eyes closed. Also I have a poor memory but if I need to recall something at a certain point I could not do it right that moment but a few hours or a day or sometime later I would remember it. So I do not think that knowledge can be judged by a test. Knowledge is tested throughout your life.

Does knowledge control me or do I control my knowledge?

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