ToK Weekly Journal Entry #28

I know that I am writing this very late but really wanted to write about emotion.Emotion is very interesting topic in TOK which relates to also psychology.

Few weeks ago, we talked about emotion during the class. I was very excited that morning to talk  about  emotion in the class but it turn out to be very hard to understand in the TOK way. Emotions can be unconscious and conscious. Some people say that it is conscious that while when people notice the situation, than they start to feel the particular emotion. However, I believe that most emotion is unconscious unless people start to think some reasons for that emotion and after while when people started to think about the situation. When I am feeling sad or depressed, it is hard to know at the time when I started to feel sad or depressed. For example, when I fight with my mother about bad grade in Math, I get really sad and depressed without noticing right at the time. After while when I start to look back what had happened just now, I started to notice that I am sad and depressed. This means that when I first felt the emotion, I change my emotion unconsciously. However, when I have a moment to think about the thing that made me feel that emotion, I started to notice my feeling and be conscious about emotion.

The reason behind it is because of the biological change in the brain. The brain transmits some kind of chemical neurotransmitter over the neurons which creates an emotion. Those transmissions are faster than how human brain can notice and those make emotion unconscious. When emotions are sent to another neurons, than we started to feel the emotion and those physical stage comes up after wards. And than, later people can know why they are in the particular emotion.

Therefore I say that emotion can be both conscious and unconscious depends on which of the time to see the knowing of the emotion. Right at the time when people started to feel certain emotion is when people are aware of the emotion which explains that they are conscious. Being unconscious also means that they are so into that emotion and when people can not think straight. When people can control the emotion if they want to, those are done when emotions are conscious.


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