ToK Journal #29

On Monday, we had Masami, Jane and Aaron’s presentations. Masami’s presentation is about ethical decisions people make every day. Knowledge issue and way of knowing is well related in her presentation. Jane’s has interesting topic “Man vs. Nature”. She used sound clip as background information though I was little bit distracted while listening. The euthanasia or abortion is really typical examples when we talk about ethical issues, but also it’s hard to decide which one is right easily. These real life situations were all for asking if people have right to decide like a god. To me, I’m more on the support side of abortion or euthanasia. It’s always make trouble with ethics as it’s related to one life’s death, but I think people should be able to choose. I know abortion is killing a baby before it even starts its life, and euthanasia is killing a person without his/her own opinion. Every life should be treated as equal but circumstance should be always considered. Well, I’m not sure. I’ve always thought making an organization or something for considering the situation of the family rather than just saying for or against of ethical issues, because it’s always different. Next was Aaron’s, about revolution or rebellion. It was interesting that I haven’t thought about that before though it is related to recent social issues. Personally I liked his ppt with photos. It was good to recognize what he’s going to talk about.

On Thursday, Mr. Macknight talked about stage of ToK and Zi did his oral presentation. The point of what Mr. Macknight said is we should try to reach stage 4 of ToK rather than just staying around stage 3. Stage 4 is being able to explain my opinion, aware of opposing view. This makes me change little bit of direction of my presentation. After that, Zi decided to go on his presentation bravely. His presentation was fun 😀 The ppt gives content + fun, and especially, the best lasagne EVER kept in my mind till Friday lunch time… I begin to feel hungry again!!! ):

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