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Are you a liberal or a conservative? In the TED talk video, Haidt commented on the moral root of liberal and conservatives. I never really thought about it because I’m not really interested in Politics or anything related to that matter. However, he stated that there were 5 morals that we are born with and we build upon these 5 morals: Harm/Care, Fairness/Reciprocity, Ingroup/Loyalty, Authority/Respect, and Purity/Sanctity. These are the basic moral values we are born with and this is what we use to make decisions such as voting for who to be president and how we live the world.

Then I asked myself the question, like they did in the TED talk, if I was a liberal or a conservative. Liberals are people who care mostly about harm/care and fairness/reciprocity; they are people who doesn’t like being caged in, who wants freedom and individualism. Conservatives are people who care about all 5 of the moral values, who want order and structure in their life. As a Korean, I am more of a conservative because in Korea, society is everything. We do what we need to do to fit into society and what the society expects of us. However, as an international student, I am very open-minded and like being myself, not conforming to society. So what am I? I think I’m a bit of both and depending on the situation and people I am with, I have different beliefs. This TED talk was interesting and it made me think of what I was a bit more. I also went on the website and for different quizzes, I got different results. In one they said I was more liberal than conservative but in other ones, it said the opposite. I guess you are never one or the other, you are always a mixture of both.

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