#11 ToK Class

Today, we had the first oral presentations from Nana and Cradle.

I found Nana’s presentation interesting in the way that she talked about “categorizing” males as suitable spouses. Its all very hard to explain, but I understand what she was getting at; the “categorizing” cannot be done either only rationally or intuitively/emotionally. The ‘guy’ or ‘girl’ has to be seen through both views.

But then, the love-is-blind issue came up, and then things got more jumbled up. For me, I honestly do not know what to think about the subject, and I am thankful that I have not arrived at the stage where it is necessary. However, my first immediate thoughts on the matter would be: [Think about what is best for the other person. If you really love that person, you will be willing to give everything up.] <- this not only includes money, but it also includes the partner his/herself. Overall, a presentation that presented some nice thoughts on the subject.

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