TOK Holiday Entry 7

I read the article ‘Seven Lies about Lying’ and I found it rather interesting. The author writes about the differences between Lying and Deception, where lying needs to be verbal, spoken while deception doesn’t have to be. On the other hand, lying can be accidental while deception can’t be.

I agreed with all the things the author wrote to disprove the 7 lies about lying. The first false principle, lying is the opposite of telling the truth,  states that you could lie and tell the truth at the same time, disproving that lying is opposite to telling the truth. The second false principle is pretty much the same as the first.

The third false principle was suprising at first, but when I thought about it, it did make sense. This really made me think about how the police would check if the a person’s claim changes to see whether or not they were lying. If that is the case, looking for inconsistencies in the claims of the suspects would be a horrible method as you would be unsure if the suspect was lying or not.

As for the 4th principle, I believe that lying is always justified ( From the point of view of the person lying ). There has to be a reason to lie, whether it may to flatter someone, to cover for oneself, to stop from hurting someone’s feelings, etc. No one lies just for the hell of it. Even then, the pleasure one may get from lying may be a reason to do so. Whether the justifications are really acceptable is an issue of morals and ethics.

To me, the fifth false principle is just stupid. One has to be unbelievably naive, pure or innocent to think that. In fact, from my own experience, sometimes, LYING MAY BE REWARDED. It is even a social expectation, where complements are exchanged, out of politeness and to avoid making the other party feel self conscious or even hurt. Granted, not all of the exchanged complements are lies, but a large part of it is.

As for the 6th false principle, Lying is avoidable, I feel that lying is unavoidable, unless one wants to get into trouble or to be isolated from society, it is also very easy to lie accidentally as it is usually based on what we believe, and not what we know. As the dialogue Meno and TOK classes has shown us, most of what we believe is likely to be wrong. Lying is a defence mechanism, to protect ourselves after doing wrong. It is also a method of making others feel better, and so some extent, a way to get what one wants. Lying isn’t just unavoidable, it is essential.

I agree with his reason as to why the 7th and last false principle is untrue, since we accidentally lie all the time, since lying is sometimes based on what we believe,  not what we know.

Overall, I believe lying is justified ( depending on person’s point of view of course ), unavoidable, essential.

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