The holiday one 7

Seven lies about lying

This was the one that sounded the most interesting of the 3 choices we had. Although I realised they are all boring to read after I started although this text had a lot of good points. The things stated all seemed pretty reasonable and true and I could relate to them. The difference between lying and deception was particularly good, showing the differences between them. How one can be unintentional while the other can only be intentional.

Lies can only be created with using words and saying something while deception can be created using just actions or language or both.

Lying is needed in life and cannot be avoided as stated in the text as that would mean you could not trust anyone because you would technically be trusting everyone by telling them the truth the whole time even though it might hurt. This is true because I have experienced this myself that telling a lie can make some feel better, get you out of trouble, or just make everything less complicated, although in the end they always get caught. A world without lying would not be good because then you would not have anyone to trust . This was the part of the text that appealed to me the most.

This text made me realise that lying and deception are needed in order to live and this really made me put the thinking cap on and analyse the situation in my head for quite a while after. Lying is needed and is necessary for human life to be as it is now because no matter what anybody says, they have all lied before in their life, no matter how “good” they appear to be.

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