Holiday Journal 7

Seven Lies About Lying.

I think this article was interesting for me. It says that “To lie, you need a statement”, “You have to say something in words for it to be a lie”. I agree with these. Before the break, we’ve talked whether it is possible to think without languages, which is similar with the second one. Languages are used when telling lies and I still think that it is not possible to think without languages. Therefore if there are no languages in this word, there will be no one lying.

I also like the principles of lying: 1. lying is the opposite of telling the truth. 2. Lying is telling a falsehood. 3. Lying leads to narrative inconsistencies. 4. Lying can never be justified. 5. Lying will be punished. 6. Lying is avoidable. 7. Lying is threat to the truth. Even though I agree with most of them, I do not really agree with “Lying will be punished”. Some lies might be taken as true. For example; when I ate my sister’s chocolate even though I’m not supposed to, she started blaming on my brother because he always jokes around. My brother knew that I ate the chocolate but my sister did not trust him because he was laughing. So, the blame goes on my brother which is actually my fault. I did not get punished, but my sister took my brother’s chocolate which is similar as punishment.

I’ve heard about this story before and I was very familiar with it. So I understood the story properly and I was able to think properly about lies at the same time. Some lies are acceptable but some are not, so we need to be careful with it.

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