Journal Entry from Mike 4

In our class on Monday, we learned how true opinion is unstable and prone to be convinced, unless it is fastened tight with causal reasoning which would transform it into a firm knowledge. We also discussed whether virtue is a divine gift from God. I would like to explore a bit further with this idea. Does this mean that virtue that you have is permanent? Does this mean that you have that virtue for the rest of your life? If we learn from our mistakes and become virtuous, is it because God has given us the gift? How do we receive this divine gift, under what circumstances? Is there a secret recipe to earn this divine gift? To us Christians, it’s through prayer. However, referring back to the discussion about whether we can use faith to reason, I think that this only applies to people within the same group with same beliefs. To us Christians, we can reason how we earn the divine gift. However, for people outside of the group, do not understand this concept and will remain as a false opinion and an irrational belief to them. The difference between them and us Christians, is that while Christians can ask for the divine gift, people outside of the group would wait for the gift to come because they do not know how to achieve it, just like how one would wait for the Christmas present to drop down the chimney from the Santa Claus.

With the topic regarding reason and emotion, I think that sometimes we do need to respond with situations with emotion. If we try to logically reason each of our actions before we act, then we may lose that opportunity to act and be left with regret. Of course, if we act with emotion, then afterwards we may feel regretful over our carelessness.

Why do we believe in whatever we believe in?

To feel safe, to reassure faith in our inner self. If we do not believe in whatever we believe in, if we doubt even ourselves, we will be exposed to so many criticisms and misleading ideas in the world, that we will eventually tumble and fall into a pitch-black mist of chaos of confusion and uncertainty. I can still vividly remember the time when I was in America, the night when I was sleeping beside my mother and I asked my mom, “mom, are you sure that we can meet each other again after we die? are you sure what would happen when we die? are you sure we’ll all go to heaven? what if we don’t..?” and my mom could not reassure me. That’s when I started to get severely depressed and worried about my mom’s health and when she would die, because I was afraid I would never get to see her again. After I went to church and talked with the pastor, I got the reassurance and through my belief that both my mom and I will go to heaven after death, I feel safe and sound (:

This tok class is making me scrutinize to my deepest part of my inner self and conglomerate my past memories and lessons together to form my solid philosophy of the world (:

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  • Qian Ting Ching

    Its very touching how you related to yourself.♥
    In my case when I do not believe in any religion,
    i respect the beliefs of every religion,
    && acquire assurance from those whom I love.. ^^”

    Yet when you mentioned whether if virtues
    could stay with us for all eternity,
    I realized that its not so.. >.<"
    For instance, under the stress and pressure of society..
    history had witnessed many pure-hearted souls
    transform to self-centered individuals
    as the cruelty of the world is revealed to them./
    Yet I'm sure if you believe in the sovereign God,
    perhaps you could get hold to virtues more tightly♥. ^^"

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