Journal #3

we talked about subjective and objective today. we also talked about knowledge and opinion. in tok, no one will be able to say that the theory is correct or wrong. this is because there are no right answers. everyone believe that their knowledge is right and for the opinion, it does not really matter because it is your own opinion and there are no right answers to it because everyone have different opinions. who had decided to call a table ‘a table’? why could it not be ccalled a ‘chair’? These are the things which are known as knowledge. no one will be able to prove it, show it or explain it. ‘I think this taste good’ ‘I think this taste bad’ these are opinions that are subjective. It depends on people, and there are no answers for it.

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  • Mr. MacKnight

    Hi Masami,

    It’s essential in TOK to think and write and talk carefully. For example, when you say “there are no right answers”, this is a generalization for which exceptions can be found very quickly. For instance, what is 2 +2? There is a right answer. And it’s important to distinguish both “Ways of Knowing” and “Areas of Knowledge”; so “What is the name of this object in English?” is very different question (different AoK, different WoK) than “Does this food taste good?” Does that make sense?

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