#5 ToK Class

Short and simple.

Finish reading Meno: check.

Discuss things: never finished.

Ok. Following up from the previous class, we continued with a branch of reasoning: opinions.

Now this, I found fairly interesting.There is a difference between knowledge and true opinion. Knowledge is when you actually KNOW what you’re talking about (meaning that it is proven or just simply exists in that form/state) and true opinion is when you THINK you know something, but its actually just [false] information passed to you by others and you’ve just simply accepted it.

Well, if you actually went about inquiring about everything that you have ever been led to believe (or “know”), then that will simply mean that “you will be 70 years old and I’d say you’ll only have found out the truth about 5%  of everything you’ve ever known” – Mr. MacKnight.

Waste of life, indeed.

Moving on….

The discussion of knowledge and opinion then progressed to rational reasoning and stereotypical belief. We threw in several things into this discussion for some… variety.

Muslims and Terrorists :O

Ok, let’s take a look at these two statements:

1. All terrorists are Muslims.

2. X is a terrorist.

3. Therefore, X is a Muslim.            <- looks logical, right?

We put these examples into real-life scenarios involving Muslims getting on a plane (sound familiar?) and discussed about people being prejudice. Basically, a person is being prejudice if they reach a conclusion while only having knowledge about one of the opposing sides.

Prejudice: don’t be.

All you’re doing is coming to an unbalanced conclusion and not giving the other side the opportunity to present their side of the story.

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  • Mr. MacKnight

    “true opinion is when you THINK you know something, but it’s actually just [false] information passed to you by others”: huh? True opinion is false information??

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