#2 ToK Class

During the last ToK session, we continued reading about Meno (Read by EunSol) and Socrates. The conversation drifted off into very philosophical things, such as the question, “are people really evil if they think what they are doing is good?”. It is questions like these that give me something to think about, wondering if there really are evil people in the world, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing all these things considered “evil” if they were not from their point of view. I guess it’s just things like this that won’t ever have a conclusion reached through actual facts. Anyway, the first class on that day gave a jump start to my brain and started it up. Seeing a demonstration of Socrates (Mr. MacKnight) teaching a slave boy (Aaron) geometry was an amusing sight. Interested to see what’ll come up next between Meno and Socrates.

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