Oral Presentation: Criterion D

In response to another post on the IBO’s forum for TOK teachers, Greta Timmers, a former colleague of mine who teaches in The Netherlands, had this response, which may help students understand what is being asked for:

Criterion D asks “how the question could be approached from different perspectives and how their implications should be considered in related areas” (paraphrased).

That sounds to me like urging the students to consider what they also do for the essay: “Does the student show an awareness of his or her own perspective as a knower in relation to other perspectives, such as those that may arise, for example, from academic and philosophical traditions, culture or position in society (gender, age, and so on)?”

The second part of the criterion I interpret as: If you conclude [something] for X, does this also have implications for Y and Z?

Possible example: if a presenter holds that life is sacred, [and that] medical ethics should [therefore] not allow euthanasia and abortion, [does this mean] also that political ethics should not allow war? Does it also imply (as Peter Singer does, for example) that the presenter has a duty to help starving individuals?

Criterion D assesses the amount of exploration that has been done.

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