History has always been an irreplaceable past in today’s society. We were born in the present, and we are all born in different countries. The history we learn in different countries is naturally different. The history taught in textbooks is not necessarily complete or the most correct. After all, we are not the ones who come over, and we will never know what happened before. In addition, many countries will only choose history that is beneficial to their own country, and hide the bad things or bad deeds that their country has done, so that modern people cannot fully learn history, only know that the government wants them to Things to know. After all, history is an indelible existence, and it is also the most important part of today. I personally think it is a past that cannot be hidden and cannot be changed.



When we were just born, we were not self-conscious, and we did not understand the pictures. We could only rely on the words of the family to make the initial judgment. The first is language ability. Like me, the first language I heard was Mandarin, which naturally speaks Mandarin when we grow up. We do n’t have much memory to learn the mother tongue, or even do n’t remember it, but we can know by the future days, In fact, it is parents who have tried their best to tell us how to speak, and we rely on our hearing ability to know how to speak. And from the kindergarten to the elementary school, it was still not literate, but it can rely on some charts to remember some words and express content. I believe that many people have many fairy tales and childhood, all of them are simple and easy to understand pictures. With some simple text, the text and the reading method are annotated, and the children can’t think they read it. Under the dual learning of vision and hearing, they can help the child’s growth. Of course, when it comes to junior high school and even college, it is more about understanding the book directly from the book composed of words. It is like reading a novel. We can always fill in the pictures in many novels, even if the Without a picture, you can come up with a rough look. In addition to stimulating your imagination, you can also improve your reading ability.

I ’m a person who ca n’t read. I ca n’t remember any subjects I ’m not good at, and I ca n’t learn anything. If I can rely on pictures to understand what is taught me, then the learning aspect More helpful. I have always felt that during the learning process, the pictures and the text cannot be separated, because it is necessary to understand the connection between the two works. If they are separated, even if you know what this word means, you still will not know what he is like. The concept, the picture is also, if you give a picture full of flowers and plants and grass, but do not say that this is a green grassland, you may unauthorizedly believe that this piece of flowers and plants is just a small flower bed.


Human sciences

I think economics is not science. Science is predictable and can be explored with the wisdom of human beings. Although the economy can determine the development trend in the next few years according to the current society, it cannot calculate variables. It ’s like parents often tell me, “Plan ca n’t keep up with changes.” We can never know what will happen in the future, so we ca n’t know whether there will be another financial storm in the future. Compared with science, science is not likely to change because of many variables. As long as we go to calculate science, there are basically few mistakes. There may be calculation errors, but science will not change because of the world.


History as an AOK

I feel like history is an important part of the thing that we know today and they way we have learned them. A large part of what we know comes form history. We are able to learn and know a lot about the past through the stories about history. One of the main things that I thought about is how different people will all have different points of view on the same situations. Because of this everyone will tell stories from the point of view of what they experienced/ remember, this means that we may hear multiple stories about the same thing that are totally different which can make it very challenging for us to know what is true and what isn’t. I feel like history can be a very reliable source that can provide us with good information so that we can learn from mistakes in the past and not continue to repeat them.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

—George Santayana

In my opinion history is an important area of knowledge if we are trying to learn from mistakes that we have made in the past or if we are learning from thing we have done well in the past. On the other hand I feel that having history as an area of knowledge can also be misleading because we really have no way to be certain that the information we are giving is actually true. If we were never there to experience the event in history, how do we know what actually happened? Overall I feel like the different perspectives that stories from history are told from have an influence on how we understand different historic events. Because of this I think that History as an area of knowledge has more of an effect on what we believe that what we know.

Imagination plays too important a role in the writing of history, and what is imagination but the projection of the author’s personality.

—Pieter Geyl


Anh Tai Trang – History

History is like a book about things that happened in the past. It explains why, the course, the end or the continuation to the present time. In addition, some historians add some information to make the timeline more reasonable.

“History is written by the victors.”
-Winston Churchill-

The above statement can clearly show that the story taking place in history will have some details that will always be a mystery. The numbers we see when reading or viewing some historical documents are due to what is left over from history. For example, we know how many bombs there are in the war and the number of deaths. But, there will always be a missing number of people and sometimes people will find a few unworkable bombs and the number will increase when we find a new bomb stuck that somewhere deeply in the ground.

It is often said that we study history (war) so that we do not repeat these things in the future. But, it is not 100% sure because if we look back to the years from 100 to about 1000 we can see the wars getting more and more advanced. Let’s say we use swords and from there to guns and bombs. So far, I think the war will still take place because otherwise, why would developed countries like Russia or the United States study nuclear and “advanced weapons”?


Not all black and white; the most interesting bits are gray.