Zhang Lijia

I guess this visit by Zhang Lijia was pretty interesting. She answered questions that students asked and was pretty truthful about things. I liked some of the quality of things that she said. She seemed more international and open when talking which was nice. I enjoyed how she was quite positive, that always puts people […]

Zhang Li Jia

I’ll be honest, I was not looking forward to Zhang Li Jia coming into school. I’ve had group discussions with authors before, and always been left thoroughly bored and they’ve not had much impact on me. However, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Zhang Li Jia’s answers and her telling of parts of her life. I […]

Zhang Li Jia

Before she came to our school to give the speech, I did some research on her and watched her speech online at the TEDx Talk she gave in Beijing. She is really interesting and has a world of experience that most people only hear about and never even dream of living. I find it really […]


The evidence for your argument consists of details from the text. If you do not refer to details from the text, then your argument will lack supporting evidence and will fail to persuade anyone.

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