I did not enjoy Beloved and felt that at points the book almost randomly swaps into the past.

Personally, I take the stance that Beloved is not Sethe’s daughter, seeing as she is berthed out of the lake fully clothed and also thinks of slavery when she has her own chapter. I don’t feel like […]

Beloved Response

This is one of the few books I actually enjoyed this year in English, and I was upset when it finally came to an end. Unlike the other part 3 novels; Heart Of Darkness, Turn Of The Screw and To The Lighthouse, Beloved was a lot easier to understand and used much simpler language. The […]

To the lighthouse

“To the lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf was unlike any book I’ve read before. The novels I usually read consist of a series of description and narration, whereas to the lighthouse consisted more of a series of thoughts from the different characters. It allowed you to be more personal with every character, instead of just the […]

Heart of Darkness response

Marlow’s Epic journey to find Kurtz in the congo jungle was built up into something a lot bigger than it actually was in my opinion. His journey seemed relatively short and quite repetitive as he trudged deeper into his jungle to collect his treasure(kurtz). When reading the book i felt like a lot of the […]


Tess has always been one of my most loved books. I’ve read it time and time again, and every time I love it. Tess has helped me to understand that there are many different sides to people. Hardy’s descriptions are vivid and clear, they enable us to have good understanding of the characters as well […]

Phase the First and Storytelling/Accessibility

I have found that Hardy has written Tess D’Ubervilles in such a way that it looks like a Fairy Tale or a pantomime. The player knows of the conspiracy of Alec has planned. This plot is displayed and littered throughout the phase, from as soon as he is introduced.

We are immediately told that Alec […]


Helen Vendlers’ analysis of ‘On first looking into Champans Homer’ was extremely useful, like many have said, as she actually used a poem to show how to complete an analysis. Although useful, Vendler does use many different skills, which I did find a bit confusing when trying to look at them as one. However, I […]

Helen Vendler

Reading Helen Vendler’s guide to analysing “on first looking into Chapman Homer” by John Keats was incredibly helpful as it allowed me to understand the poem as a whole. Something that stood out that i didn’t recognise when first looking into the poem was the structure and how it related to the general theme of […]

Thoughts on Vendler’s analysis

The sheer amount of ways Vendler analyzes Chapman’s Homer by Keats is almost overwhelming. I personally am horrible at analyzing anything, so despite this not being my first time reading Vendler’s analysis it is still quite informative. The most impressive parts of her analysis is separation of the verses. I personally never bothered thinking of […]

Wolfgang Von Goethe

Wolfgang looks at the context of Hamlet’s position as “heir” and makes several points: He says Hamlet is not heir – instead, the rule is not hereditary and Hamlet is forever barred by his uncle from gaining the throne(153). Wolfgang also says that the effects around Hamlet have made “reflection and sorrowful [to] have become […]

Post-Hamlet Reflection

-Personally, I placed Claudius as a friendly character to be a well-meaning person. I feel it is possible to do this consistently. The play is largely written in a way which gets us on Hamlet’s side (we see only that which is relevant to him as he is the subject matter of the Title, the […]


After watching the film and reading “What Actually Happens in the Play” by A.C. Bradley, I developed a greater interest in Hamlet.. And, shocker, i actually realized i kind of enjoyed Hamlet a little bit! Saying that, I feel that I didn’t really like just reading Hamlet as I couldn’t visualize it.. The film brought […]

Hamlet overview

I agree with Cassie that watching the play definitely helped me understand the play and the characters a lot better than reading it. When reading the play I found it hard to understand what Hamlet was feeling and I didn’t even notice he was starting to go mad, until I watched how he acted in […]

Belated Hamlet Act III Post

So, people keep saying that Lion King is based of Hamlet, but I do not see this comparison, except Scar killing Aslan (trololololol).

But, more seriously, if Polonius were actually a character to rout for, the play would already be a tragedy. Much like a tragedy, the offender is on his way to rectify the […]


From doing the IOP’s, i learnt quite a lot and found new ways to look at certain aspects of each book that was done. I felt that the feedback from Mr MacKnight was useful, as well as the questions from our class mates helping to delve into the area we had a ll looked at. […]


I learnt quite a lot from the IOP’s and from the feedback that was given by Mr McKnight. I just wish i could redo it, now that i have a better understanding on what to do and what to include. When giving my presentation i found it hard to keep eye contact with the audience, […]

Sonnet 29

During this, I kept changing my view on the poem, meaning I should have reread it several times. First I thought it meant a breakup (then I realized, to my facepalm, it is a sonnet) and then realized that it was a death, and that all of that is quite subtly in there as the […]

Is Thoreau an anarchist?

Is Thoreau an Anarchist? Karl Marx, in his communist theory stated that the collapse of the governments (all around the world at the same time) would happen when a large oppressed and poor majority, were pushed to the breaking point of discontent by a small portion of society, rich and well off. Since then, communism […]

Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience

Overall, I think that, although Thoreaus essay was well thought out and written, it’s a touch too long winded for me. I ended up reading the thing twice, to try and gain a better understanding. Although i like Thoreau’s ideas of the way people petition and argue, yet do nothing of great importance, means they […]

Macknight’s Essay

As i said in class, I think Mr Macknight took a very morbid view on the the temptations that were put infront of Odysseus. Although it was a well written and well structured essay, i feel that Macknight could have put more details of the other side, as in an essay, i’ve always been taught, […]


I actually enjoyed the Odyssey, which for a book given as a required reading in English lit. is pretty amazing! Although i had some troubles with the names of certain characters, i did manage to grasp telemakhos’ name by the time we’d finished it! I enjoyed the overall storyline, although some parts of it did […]

Odyssey 9-12

Having put this item low on my list of priorities for a while too long:

I found the trip Odesseus takes home interesting in the least.

I think that Poseidon is just answering the prayer of the Kyklops when he attacks Odesseus on the way to Ithaka. I don’t think it has anything to do […]

Joy luck club-chapter 16

In this last chapter June and her father go on a long journey to china to find June’s long lost sisters. This has been her mothers desire all her life, but was unable to do it due to her death. Once June gets their she doesn’t see the similarities between them, but once her father […]

The joy luck club-chapter 13

An Mei begins this chapter by speaking about the time when her mother got raped and was left with a child. An Mei’s mother’s family were ashamed that she would get into such a situation and kicked her out of the house. It then flips back to the present to when An Mei’s grandmother died, […]

joy luck club-chapter 10

Waverly begins this chapter trying to tell her mum about her wedding. However her mum refuses to listen and keeps changing subject. Waverly brews up a plan that will allow rich to get through to her mum but her plan fails miserably due to the difference in culture (well that’s what she thinks). She later […]

joy luck club-chapter 9

Lena begins this chapter by speaking about her mother and how she can predict everything through people’s actions. It then skips to when Lena’s mother went to visit her and ted’s house. She had nothing good to say about it nor did she ever have anything good to say about anything. Lena and Ted lived […]

Joy luck club-chapter 8

This chapter begins with June’s mother’s views of America and the American dream theory that you can live if you were to live there. June’s mother has had high hopes for her from when she was young, and tried to push her towards different carriers all her life. June’s mother got the idea of piano […]

Joy luck club-chapter 7

Rose begins this chapter by telling us how her mother used to be a very religious person and used to carry a bible round everyday. She also tells us about wanting a divorce with ted and goes onto speaking about how they met and fell in love and how they also fell out of love. […]

Joy luck club-chapter 6

In this chapter Lena tells the ghost stories that her mother used to tell her about her great grandfather that sentences a beggar to a thousand cuts. She later discovers a cellar that was locked in her house and decides to see what’s inside. She was horrified by what she saw and it changed how […]

Joy Luck Club-chapter 5

This chapter begins with Waverly telling us about invisible strength and the lessons that she was taught by her mother. Her mother always had high hopes for Waverly. She tells us how this all started, at a Christmas party one year when her brother was given a chess set and she was given lifesavers. Waverly […]

Joy luck club-chapter 4

This Chapter starts in the present but flips to a flashback that Ying Ying had when she was a little girl on the moon festival at Taihu lake. Her and her family had planned to go see the moon lady and celebrate moon festival on a pavilion but Ying Ying was unable to enter because […]

Joy luck club-chapter 3

In this chapter, Lindo tells the story of her childhood when she was forced to match up with Tyan Yu. Lindo’s family’s house was flooded when she was little and they were forced to move to si chuan and leave Lindo behind with the Huangs. She was used as a servant in the household and […]

Joy luck club-chapter 2

An Mei begins this chapter by speaking about her childhood and some of the ghost stories her grandmother used to tell her about what happened to greedy kids. We also learn about An Mei’s mother and how her grandmother kicked her out of the house but she never really knew the real reason why her […]

Joy Luck club- chapter 1

At the beginning of this chapter we find out that Jing Mei’s mother is dead. This chapter is about Jing Mei looking back on the stories her mother used to tell her about the war between the Japanese and the Chinese and how it was so bad she had to leave her kids on the […]

Twenty Six Malignant Gates

I had previously expected that the chapter would be about the English language.

In this part of the book, the daughters are contemplating some element of their life. The exception is Lena who struggles with the identity of her neighbour ,and still ,as in the previous part, the identity of her mother. In Half and […]

Feathers From a Thousand Li Away

In each story, the daughters experience a separation from their mothers. They all wonder who they are and who their mothers are or were. In each, the older women gain an insight into who they are and in the second An-Mei concludes that she is who her mother is, that her mother is in her […]

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? Work; Antigone Author; Sophocles

Through the interactive orals presented today, the group was informed on Sophocles life and career and the later versions/ adaptations of Antigone. Although the group was onle presented with two presentations, i feel […]

Interactive Oral

Through todays interactive orals, the topics discussed were centred around Sophocles. Sophocles Antigone was written in 442 BC, although the actual story was based in 1200 BC. Antigone is a great example of how Greece was run during this time, how women are perceived as lesser human beings and also about the royal family of […]

Interactive Oral Reflection: TO LIVE

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?

The discussions held today were related to the Novel, “To Live” By Yu Hua. The subjects brought to light were the life and career of Yu Hua, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

The first presentation […]

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?

The discussions held today were related to the Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno. Four presentations about Dante’s Inferno and the Hell he depicts were discussed. The subjects brought to light were the life and career of Dante, Christian theology, earlier and later depictions of hell and the numerology of the Comedy. The presentation on the depictions […]

Interactive Oral Presentations

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?

The presentations that were given today included the life and career of Dante, Christian Theology, earlier and later depictions of Hell and a section on Numerology. The first presentation given was about the life and career of Dante. […]


After getting my results back I was rather disappointed. I didn’t do as well as I thought I had done. In this exam I thought I had structured it relatively well whereas in the previous one it had no structure in it at all. However I can see where I have gone wrong. When reading […]

Hierarchy of Sins

Hierarchy of Sins

Sins that are modernly OK



“Lie of Omission”


Sins that avoid justice



Giving bribes

Treachery (and taking bribes)

Sins that target individuals

Adultery and Prostitution


Murder, Torture,Rape and pimping

Sins that target God Blashphemy/Heretical

Laziness and gluttony are the least to me, since they don’t do […]

To Live

I must admit, ‘To Live’ by Yu Hua was much better than I thought. I’m not sure, but I think it might have been the movie that made the book seem boring. I think the book was much better than the movie, and maybe the movie should have been watched after the book to be […]

“To Live” Bad Title

To Live I thought was an alright book, bit bad that everyone dies but it was easy to read so I’m not complaining.

Even though every time I got asked “On a scale of 10 how much fun are you having?” I never answered more than a 5 is because reading is never fun for […]

“To Live”

I really enjoyed reading Yu Hua’s ‘To Live’ and thought it was a very entertaining book. At first I thought the story was going to make Fugui out to be the Forrest Gump of China. This was because the beginning of the story was very epic, with Fugui losing his fortune and being recruited into […]

To live

As a book, I found ‘To Live’ particularly tragic. I thought it was impossible for someone to have so much bad luck in his life. Granted, most people will probably say that Fugui deserved his fate because of all the bad things he did as a young adult. It still seems impossible though. Reading ‘To […]

To Live-Reflection

“To Live” by Yu Hua was one of the most tragic books that I’ve read, but in the end I felt quite calm-not particularly sad. That may be because I’ve already read lots of similar Korean novels which display post-war traumas. For example, in a Korean novel “Lucky Day”, (based on post-war situation of 6.25) […]

Thoughts on “To Live”

I enjoyed To Live. It felt like an easy read.

It seemed rather existentialist. Everyone died in the end. Fugui and his ox left weary and ready to die and has saved money for his burial. Fugui believed he was a total let down, and believed that he had been unable to bring Jiazhen happiness. […]

To Live – Reflection

This book is the saddest book I have ever read. Even though I really enjoyed reading it, I felt that some of the plot was a little bit too tragic to be possible for real life. Each situation seemed plausible but all put together it seemed very unlikely. When I was reading about the […]

what i thought about the poem

I thought “rise and repeat” was an unusual poem and i couldn’t figure out what it was really about. but from what i could obtain, it sounded like something you would read on the back of a shampoo bottle. i didn’t perticualary like the poem. the poem keeps relating back to an Egyptian tribe, the […]


i thought “Antigone” was really depressing, saying that all the characters ended up dying in the end. however some of the characters deaths came by surprise, for example Haerons death, and Antigones death. i didn’t think she would of killed herself that soon and i didn’t think haeron would stab himself. these surprises made the […]

Rinse and Repeat: My thoughts

The first comment I would like to make is that Rinse and repeat is probably THE most unique poem that I’ve ever come across before. I’ve never seen a poem that talked about two random things that could barely be related yet make sense. The poet was either a genius or clearly insane. The poet […]


in my opinion the checklist you gave us in class was very useful. It taught me how to paragraph essays and how to strip apart poems to find the deeper meaning within them. i can definitely see how it will come in use as it draws closer towards the will speed up our planning […]

Callam as a reader/writer

As a reader: Reading is something that i do when i’m told to. i don’t really think of it as a hobby, or something that i would do in my spare time. however the books that i have been “forced” to read i have enjoyed. i like to read autobiographies when i do read though, […]

On First Looking into Keats’ “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”

This week in class I learnt that “The Odyssey” is actually a giant poem, that John Keats particularly enjoyed “The Odyssey”, that a bard is an old-school musician/poet and that Cortez didn’t discover the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, and despite Helen Vendler’s best efforts, I still find Keats’ “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer” to be […]

Reflection- Week 1

What I’ve learnt in Week 1 English Class

I’ve learnt that reading the poem actually involves a multiple process and there are lots of connotations behind the literal words of poem. Helen Vendler’s ways of interpreting the poem have changed my previous ways of poem analysis: I only knew that I should understand literal meanings […]

My New Experience with Poetry

Over the years of studying Poetry I’ve learned multiple ways of analyzing poetry. Some ways I’ve figured out myself and others I’ve been taught. I’m used to studying poetry in the form of the question “what does this mean” or “What is the poet trying to imply with this statement” which always gave me a […]


As a Reader

As a reader, I am one of those people who have a short attention span. I only read when I am forced to; the reason behind this is that if the book does not interest me I will not carry on reading it. When I was younger I was gripped by […]

Hey :)

I’m charlie, from the United Kingdom. I moved to China about 2 months ago, and before joining DC, I didn’t know anyone except my family in Suzhou. I turn 18 in November.

As a reader;

I read mainly for enjoyment purposes, although I do generally just read everything/anything. I read anywhere I can really: in […]


The evidence for your argument consists of details from the text. If you do not refer to details from the text, then your argument will lack supporting evidence and will fail to persuade anyone.

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