Vendler’s Explication is largely subjective. Important parts, such as meaning, the skeleton and tone can vary from person to person. For example, with Thoreau, I may feel he was being more expositional, while his contemporaries would have thought him accusatory. Emotional curves can also be minorly subjective, as we explored, or majorly subjective, like me […]

Vendler; Keats

Reading Helen Vendler’s peom analysis paper opened my eyes to the art of analysing poems. She teaches us a way to analyse the poem step by step, talking about the general atmosphere of the entire poem as well as the minor details. Her essay is like a step by step manual to writing poetry analysis.


Helen Vendler-reflection

Helen Vendler uses Chapman’s Homer by John Keats as an example to demonstrate her strategy for analyzing the poem. The most noticeable part was how she focuses on figuring out the general atmosphere of the poem to figure out what details and features of the poem creates that atmosphere. The examples for this are division […]

Sonnet 29 – Etna St Vincent Millay’s

From reading Mr Mac Knight’s commentary, I can actually understand what he means by no buffering your essays.

In every point he makes there is no none relevant information which means that it is exactly to the point. It has a massive effect on your essay since there is no nonsense there. Following Callam’s comment […]

“Sonnet 29”

I dislike this sonnet. It’s just confusing. AH! However, since I have to write about it… I thought the commentary essay that Mr MacKnight gave us was good, although I don’t think he wrote it!! It was well explained and to the point. There were no generalized statements either. This essay had lots of detail […]

Sonnet 29 commentary

After reading the commentary by Mr. Macknight, I’ve noticed several noticeable aspects. Firstly, lots of terms that I’ve learnt but forgotten were seen ( 🙂 ), such as ‘iamb’, ‘pathetic fallacy’ and intonation. Because I paid less attention to the rhythmic qualities of the poems/sonnets and had slight problems with describing them until now, it […]

Sonnet 29 Commentary

Looking at Mr. MacKnight’s essay, I realise that I made a few very big mistakes. I wrote that the poet was a male who’d fallen out of love, watching his lovers go by, as he watched ‘beauties’ pass by year after year. Also, my essay wasn’t very structured, and focused mostly on the content of […]

Commentary On Poem

After reading Mr. Macknight’s commentary, I realized that my own is lacking a lot in detail. It focussed on individual effects and its literary effects and the effect on the poem as a whole. My commentary consisted of some explanation of detailing but I realized that it lacks more connections and explanations as to why […]

Sonnet 29 Commentary

Today in class we wrote a commentary about ‘Sonnet 29’. In my commentary I talked about how Millay’s repetition of natural endings and general portrayal of love made it a sad poem. When I read Mr. MacKnight’s commentary I noticed that he made some of the same points but he went into much more detail. […]

Rinse And Repeat.

My first response to this poem was ” This is totally nonsense.”

The reason for this is that every second line is off the back of a shampoo bottle. Who in the right mind would do that, someone who was not sane that’s what. But the content of the poem is different. It gives you […]

Rinse and Repeat

The first time I read this poem, I thought it was just weird. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense does it? But then I thought about it and, it’s very well written. The contrast between the advertisement of the shampoo and what actually happens with the people directly related to the shampoo is very […]

Pseudo Poetry

In my opinion Rinse and Repeat is not really poetry, or at least it is not very sophisticated or effective poetry. Poetry is defined by the Oxford American Dictionary as a “literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.” I […]

Rinse and Repeat- Mark Ford

When first reading the poem ‘Rinse and Repeat’ by Mark Ford, I was so confused. The first and second line of each stanza of the poem seemed to have to relation to each other at all. So I decided to read the first line of each stanza first, then followed by all the second lines, […]

Rinse and Repeat

After reading this poem for the first time, I felt as though it was like a poem that was written when the poet was distracted or couldn’t really foucs on the topic at hand and left me more than slightly confused. But after reading it multiple times, I began to think the contrast between […]

Reflection- “Rinse and Repeat”

The poem made me feel sympathy for the Zabbaleens and to remorse about specific instances: such as when I’ve unconsciously wasted water, which could have been life-sustaining water to someone else.

The tone of the poem is very indifferent and factual at every odd sentence, where it seems to be listing facts like: “The Zabbaleen […]


What I learnt about poetry this week?

Nothing much really.. Not that I didn’t know in someway.

I did learn a checklist for reviewing poetry, which I hope will prove to be useful to me at some later day. I do need to go over the checklist though, so I can submit it to memory.


My goal

What I’ve learnt. Well I would want to say that I’ve learn an enormous amount about poetry, and that I’m now that professional at it. However, that is not true. Although when in class and asked about how much I would rank ‘poetry’ and I gave it a 3, I do not hate it. I […]

Poetry!?! :/

This week in English, I have learnt about the check-list for exploring poems.

Unlike other check-lists I have learnt this one and understood it. The reason for this is the one we have been taught this week does not ask me to find out what the poems means. The check-list is helping me to breakdown […]

What I Learnt About Poetry – Angel

This week I learnt that poetry can be read and understood in many different ways and not just the usual methodical understand every line and moving on. The different perspectives of reading the poem was interesting. I learnt a different definition to tone than I had before and realized that when analysing a poem we […]

Discovering Poems

Over the last few days I have learnt that poetry is actually much more interesting that I thought it was. I never had an aversion to poems, but I have never really ananlysed a poem the way Helen Vendler has. Previously when I ‘analysed’ poems, I always only looked out for hidden meanings where the […]


The evidence for your argument consists of details from the text. If you do not refer to details from the text, then your argument will lack supporting evidence and will fail to persuade anyone.

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